2013 Went way to quick

We managed a number of cruises this summer, Eagle Harbor, Gig Harbor some time in the San Juan Islands and a wonderful time on the Commodores Cruise.  All of this after a nice circumnavigation of Vancouver Island as part of the Van Isle 360.   If wear and tear on the boat was any indication of use we ended the season with a bent spinnaker pole from a nice wipe out at Race Rocks, a grounding in Mosquito pass which resulted in some minor keel damage and a few more dings from misplaced winch handles.   Its all good!

Catalina 38 Rendezvous, 2011

What a great time we met up in Pt. Townsend with other C38 owners for the a weekend of socializing and touring each others boats.  I picked up a few ideas for projects and have since incorporated them on Peregrine.  Most notably is the bilge sump tank talked about in the projects area.   We had our friends the Doull's join us (Randy is our Bowman) the wives drove up and back while Randy and i got to sail home in 25 knots all the way to Shilshoal, what a blast.  The group has planned on another outing in 2013.


Back again for another week in Barkley Sound so we thought, we took the boat up early and then had something come up that pulled us away.  We were able to fly back up for the last night and brought the boat home the next day.  Not a total loss we spent four days on the boat deliverying her up and back things could have been worse.  On the return trip saw a submarine being brought in by the Coast Guard what a spectacular site.  

Commodores Cruise 2009

Well it started off like Gilligian's Island, a three hour passage that should have ended us up at Henry Island for the start of the cruise turned into one of the ugliest crossings I've experienced.  We left Pt. Townsend early in the morning with the fleet, a few hours later we lost sight of everyone in the Fog and 35 knot winds with very large waves near Hein Bank.   Then out of the fog I saw what I initially thought was land until I realized it couldnt be land so soon, we flew off the top and landed at the bottom with a huge bang, the inside of the boat exploded and everything went everywhere,  about 30 minutes later alarms started going off and I realized we were venting exhaust into the cabin.   Sherri was so sea sick and the exhaust didnt help, I felt so bad for her, she actually was green, I was amazed I had never seen anyone green before.  With her incapacitated I was unable to do anything else except motor until we hit Cattle Pass, in her condition I couldnt leave the wheel to put up sail to smooth out the ride.   When we arrived at Friday Harbor, the motor died and I had to sail in 15 knots to the dock where we stayed for the rest of the week flying in parts to fabricate a make shift exhaust riser to replace the one that cracked apart when we came off the wave..  Not the trip we had planned but Friday Harbor is not such a bad place to be stranded for a week. 


Norpac in Barkley Sound was our first outing with Peregrine, and we shook her down.  The trip out through the straights was rough and we bounced around stirring up 25 years of growth in the fuel tank.  I know that because there were no ports for cleaning in the tank,  well we had water and gunk in the fuel and limped our way into Barkley Sound.  After the trip the tank was scrubbed, dual pre fuel filters added and the problem went away.  With an alligator butt bottom and sails older then my teenagers we managed to pull out a third place in one of the races and a had a great family week.