Swiftsure 2013
What a heart breaker after making it to Neah Bay in blazing time, the wind died and we spent 2 hours trying to round the mark.  We were well ahead of our class by more than an hour and waited for them catch up for the first restart.  After rounding and fighting our way across the straits we again waited at Race Rocks for our class to catch up.  As we all sat there becalmed we started to get sucked into the rocks with the outgoing tide, we were in 300 feet of water, 50 yards from the rocks and had 150 feet of anchor rode.  It was obvious that by the time we would have got enough rode out we would not have a rudder.  The crew nicknamed me at that point "Quitter Baby #117" as we withdrew from the race. 

Swiftsure 2012
Our first year in the Cape Flattery Race and what a nice experience to finish a race in day light!

Swiftsure 2011
This is the last year we will do the classic long course.  After bobbing all night we finally started to get puffs in the morning.  But they were not enough to get us around the mark in time.

Swiftsure 2010

Peregrine at the start of the Lightship Classic, at 38 feet most of the boats in the fleet had at least ten feet on us yet we were able to finish with the third best return leg from the lightship just under 16 hours.  We saw winds ranging from 0 to 38 during the race, it was a beat out and back.  Peregrine was part of the SYC team along with Marda Gras and Night Runner that took team honors.